Job Detail

Loan Funding Representative at SoFi
Healdsburg, CA, US
SoFi ​is ​a ​leader ​in ​marketplace ​lending ​and ​the ​largest ​provider ​of ​student loan ​refinancing, ​with ​over ​$950M ​in ​loans ​issued ​to ​more ​than ​11,600 members. ​We're ​transforming ​financial ​services ​for ​ambitious ​early-stage professionals ​with ​student ​loan ​refinancing, ​MBA ​loans, ​mortgages, ​and personal ​loans. ​Unlike ​traditional ​lenders, ​our ​proprietary ​underwriting approach ​takes ​into ​account ​merit ​and ​employment ​history ​to ​offer unique ​credit ​products ​our ​members ​won't ​find ​elsewhere. ​We ​offer individual ​and ​institutional ​investors ​the ​ability ​to ​create ​positive ​social impact ​on ​the ​communities ​they ​care ​about ​while ​earning ​compelling ​rates of ​return.

By ​joining ​SoFi, ​you're ​joining ​a ​new ​kind ​of ​finance ​company ​based around ​speed, ​transparency, ​and ​alignment ​with ​our ​members’ ​interests. Our ​goal ​is ​to ​be ​the ​center ​of ​our ​members’ ​financial ​lives. ​We ​created student ​loan ​refinancing, ​addressing ​the ​biggest ​financial ​challenge ​this new ​generation ​has ​through ​a ​new ​approach ​to ​lending. ​We ​expanded ​into other ​types ​of ​loans, ​and ​then ​into ​insurance ​and ​wealth ​management with ​similarly ​inventive ​products. ​As ​the ​company ​has ​grown, ​we’ve ​been able ​to ​help ​more ​people ​with ​these ​tools.

SoFi ​has ​achieved ​significant ​growth, ​with ​big ​plans ​ahead. ​In ​just ​the ​last year, ​we've ​more ​than ​doubled ​our ​member ​base ​(300,000 ​strong), doubled ​loan ​volume ​($8 ​billion ​in ​2016), ​and ​grown ​our ​team ​from ​under 200 ​people ​to ​more ​than ​1,000. ​We're ​preparing ​to ​go ​global, ​with expansion ​to ​Australia ​and ​Canada ​planned ​this ​year. ​And ​we're ​well capitalized ​to ​power ​all ​this ​growth, ​having ​raised ​$1.9 ​billion ​in ​equity backing. ​But ​we'll ​only ​be ​able ​to ​continue ​this ​growth ​with ​great ​talent, and ​that ​includes ​you.

Join ​our ​awesome ​customer ​care ​team ​and ​complete ​the ​refinance process ​through ​funding!

You ​will:

● Review ​payment ​and ​account ​detail ​before ​disbursement.

● Communicate ​with ​various ​servicers/lenders ​and ​our ​Finance & ​Accounting ​department ​to ​ensure ​proper ​payment.

● Handle ​payment ​issues ​and ​discrepancies ​as ​they ​arise.

● Process ​refund ​payments ​in ​a ​timely ​manner.

● Work ​closely ​with ​our ​servicing ​partner ​to ​ensure ​an ​accurate and ​smooth ​transition.

● Assist ​the ​servicing ​partners ​in ​payment ​transactions, ​account research ​and ​adhoc ​projects.

You ​need ​to ​have:

● Less ​than ​a ​one ​percent ​error ​rate ​for ​funding ​quality ​scores for ​internal ​candidates.

● Excellent ​written ​and ​oral ​communications ​skills

● Strong ​attention ​to ​detail ​and ​accuracy

● Professional ​demeanor ​and ​strong ​work ​ethic

● Above ​average ​computer ​skills ​with ​web ​proficiency ​and understanding ​of ​databases

● Excel ​proficiency ​a ​must

● Ability ​to ​work ​under ​tight ​deadlines ​and ​exhibit ​grace ​under pressure

● Have ​exceptional ​time ​management ​skills ​and ​the ​ability ​to juggle ​between ​various ​tasks.

● Be ​self-motivated ​and ​able ​to ​work ​independently

● Excellent ​organizational ​and ​time-management ​skills

● 2 ​to ​3 ​years ​of ​experience ​in ​financial ​services ​industry ​desired.

● Credit, ​underwriting ​and ​customer ​service ​experience required.

● College ​degree ​highly ​desired. ​High ​school ​diploma ​or ​GED required.

● Ability ​to ​take ​on ​projects ​as ​needed.

Some ​evenings ​and ​weekend ​days ​will ​be ​required ​to ​deal ​with ​volume.

We ​offer ​competitive ​salary, ​bonus ​and ​benefit ​programs, ​stock ​options, 401k, ​snacks ​and ​a ​subsidized ​lunch ​program.


● Catered lunches, a fully stocked kitchen, and subsidized gym membership.

● Competitive salary packages and bonuses.

● A flexible vacation policy allows you to truly relax and reboot.

● Comprehensive health, vision, dental, and life insurance as well as disability benefits.

● 100% of health, vision, and dental premiums paid by SoFI for employees and their dependents.

● 401(k) and education on retirement planning.

● Tuition reimbursement on approved programs, up to $5,250 a year.

● Monthly contribution to help you pay off your student loans.