Job Detail

Senior Server Engineer at Trion Worlds
Redwood City, CA, US

SENIOR SERVER ENGINEER Pixels, schmixels. The girls may go gaga over the graphics guru, but server engineers like you put the virtual in virtual worlds. As a wise man once said, “a flower’s beauty may last for a thousand years, but only if it’s been properly flushed to the database.” HERE’S WHY YOU’RE AWESOME! Hands-on – You’re able to dive into large C++ codebases to add features and fix issues. Leadership – You’re able to help coordinate a multi-discipline team of engineers, designers, artists, and QA. Driven – You take ownership of problems and you can drive a feature from inception through release. Big Picture – You work within, and can contribute to, the overall vision and architecture of a product. Team Player – You take part in a collaborative effort to examine, question and improve all systems and parts of a codebase. Experience – You’ve got 5+ years of experience with game development. Growth – You’re always interested in learning new technologies. HERE’S WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO! Designing and implementing large-scale server applications Building robust, scalable databases using SQL and NoSQL Analyzing and improving server performance bottlenecks Troubleshooting problems and helping with live support HERE’S WHAT YOU’VE STUDIED, USED, AND/OR WON A NOBEL PRIZE FOR! C/C++ C# Multi-threaded / multi-process application development Network programming Database programming Linux development Okay, maybe you’re not all of these things—yet. That’s okay. The question is, do you want to be?