Job Detail

Materials Project Manager at Origin
San Francisco, CA, US
Origin is looking for a talented and ambitious Project Manager to join our team. The Materials Team at Origin covers a wide range of responsibilities, as we work with material partners both large and small, and customers across a wide range of industries. Materials are critical to Origin’s additive manufacturing platform. The ideal candidate has a strong technical background in materials, the mechanical properties of plastics, and/or chemistry. This position requires organization, task management, and working in a team. Join a small, but growing team made up of talent from places like Google, Apple, and Autodesk.

Your role:

    • Manage tasks related to Origin’s material partner network. You will participate on partner calls and meetings, helping to drive material innovation forward.
    • Work cross functionally within the company as part of the Materials team. You will interface with Origin’s Laboratory team, Customer team, Marketing Team, Hardware Team, and Software Teams on a regular basis.
    • Drive tasks that are part of larger projects with material partners and Origin’s internal teams forward.
    • Document progress on different projects ongoing with different partnerships. Strong organizational skills and time management a must.
    • Organize customer feedback on materials into documents for easy reference. This includes preparing word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
    • Ensure teammates are aware of current status, next steps, and upcoming decision points.
    • Prepare slides and documents that summarize Origin’s materials for internal and external distribution. Any experience in technical marketing a plus.
    • Prepare reports that summarize material properties and testing performed.
    • Help manage projects with customers such that progress in material development is tracked with the timeline of production applications with customers.
    • Communicate effectively to all material partners and stakeholders involved.
    • You will report to Origin’s Director of Materials.

What we’re looking for in candidates:

    • Motivated, passionate, creative problem solver who can work collaboratively with excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
    • Ability to take initiative and ownership over tasks that need to get done. Ability to thrive in a fast-paced work environment, multi-task and manage priorities, and consistently meet deadlines.
    • Be comfortable occasionally helping with tasks where there is a need that may be outside of your specific role.
    • A strong work ethic, attention to detail, and an eagerness to help.
    • Project management experience preferred.

Nice to have:

    • BS in Materials Science, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering or other related programs.
    • Client engagement experience