Job Detail

Site Reliability Engineer at UJET
San Francisco, CA, US

UJET is reimagining customer support with leading innovation to modernize the customer service experience. With a passion for improving the customer experience, our tools offer a multichannel solution for voice, web, text and mobile app support. Companies like Nest, Instacart and Postmates trust UJET to optimize and modernize customer support and offer global reliability, security and scaling across the world.

About You

  • Do you think that balancing competing priorities makes the day more interesting?
  • Do you enjoy wading into a large, unfamiliar codebase and emerging with the solution to your problem?
  • After you have solved the same problem 3 times, do you find that you simply must find a way to stop it from ever coming up again?
  • Do you like being on a team that trusts and values each other, while also holding each other accountable?
  • Do you find that you naturally make checklists or tutorials for complex processes to avoid mistakes and guide others?


  • Design, build and maintain critical cloud-based systems
  • Monitor site stability, performance, and security
  • Plan upgrades for scaling, capacity, API performance in a complex multi tenantenvironment
  • Improve deployment, management, and scalability of our services
  • Champion the implementation of processes to improve visibility across the entire technology stack
  • Document system design and procedures
  • 24x7 on-call rotation with other team members


  • BS in Computer Science, or equivalent experience
  • Strong programming and/or scripting skills in any of Go, Node.js, Ruby, Python
  • Strong experience with Terraform or other Infrastructure as Code tool
  • Solid understanding of Linux containerization with Docker
  • Production level experience with AWS
  • Production level experience with Kubernetes
  • Experience with Prometheus / Grafana for monitoring and dashboards
  • Proficiency with Linux system administration
  • Experience with test automation and CI/CD
  • Desire to automate everything
  • Knowledge of best practices related to security, performance, and disaster recovery
  • Intellectual curiosity that motivates you to keep on top of technical trends
  • You are service-oriented and enjoy working with engineers to make the software development process as painless as possible, providing continuous improvement
  • You are self-motivated with the ability to work independently and in teams


  • Expertise in WebRTC
  • Strong MySQL DBA experience
  • Experience with ELK Stack
  • Proficiency in developing and maintaining efficient logging solutions
  • Experience with SIEM tools