Job Detail

Cryptocurrency Infrastructure Engineer at Polychain
San Francisco, CA, US

Polychain Labs is a small, senior team of infrastructure engineers powering the largest proof-of-stake operations in the world.  We’re often the first participants in new networks and help them design and scale for success. We secure a large amount of these assets and contribute back open source tooling, architectures and designs that help our networks mature.   This Cryptocurrency Infrastructure Engineering role is responsible for leading our participation in current and future networks.

Job Responsibilities

  • Leading our participation in upcoming network launches from concept to production.
  • Designing and implementing secure cloud and on-premise infrastructure to produce and validate blocks on these networks.
  • Creating systems that secure millions of dollars of cryptocurrency from motivated attackers.
  • Inventing technical, social, and industry solutions to whatever challenges arise along the way. 
  • Collaborating closely with other senior engineers to ensure we’re never single point failures.
  • Prioritizing creative time to explore what might be next for our team and industry.


  • 5+ years experience engineering and operating 24/7 public-facing infrastructure.
  • Detailed understanding of Cloud Infrastructure, Datacenter design and experience codifying, automating and scaling services.
  • Experience evaluating risk and implementing security detections and protections.
  • Working understanding of cryptocurrency infrastructure and proof-of-stake
  • Has designed, implemented and worked with both hot and cold key storage systems.

Why Polychain Labs

  • Opportunity to collaborate alongside some of blockchain’s most experienced researchers, engineers, entrepreneurs, and financial experts.
  • Access to the scale and resources needed to power the future of our industry.
  • Start-up size with industry-wide impact and autonomy.
  • Competitive salary, flexibility, and fun