Job Detail

Virtual Member Care Agent at Modern Animal
United States of America
The Virtual Member Care Agent's main job function is to serve as the primary source of engagement and information for those contacting Modern Animal by telephone. It is key that we maintain the high standard of member care that is extremely important for the success of Modern Animal. Utilizing our skills for member communications, member education and team care allows us to provide quality care for more patients. Serving the members beyond their expectations with our animal care, member service, efficiency and exceptional communication will enable us to forge strong bonds with our members and their pets, and our virtual team makes up the foundation of this effort.
This position requires the ability to follow directions with and without supervision; the ability to provide comfort and empathy at emotionally challenging times; the ability to problem solve; the ability to be creative and think “outside the box”; the ability to learn and understand medical terminology and procedures; the ability to admit or ask questions when a task is unclear; the ability to adapt to the needs and styles of the team and members; the ability to work with computers and multiple software platforms in a coordinated fashion to ensure optimal communication with members; the ability to spell, alphabetize, and perform basic mathematics; and the ability to provide exceptional member service.
Duties and responsibilities
Utilizing our call center software to accept inbound phone calls throughout the business day; providing accurate information in response to member questions; correctly and promptly determining the best avenue for handling member inquiries; taking and passing messages on to headquarters and clinic staff members; member education; identifying and escalating medical issues to medical staff; documenting the nature of member communications; properly utilizing Zendesk for both phone call and email management; complete working knowledge of the Modern Animal app; requesting medical records from other veterinary hospitals; finding answers for members who have questions; maintaining compassion, empathy, sympathy and professionalism during high-stress situations
**This is by no means a complete list. Additional tasks may be assigned on an as-needed basis. Some tasks may be added or removed from this list as deemed necessary based on business requirements.
Opportunities for Growth
There are several areas of potential growth as a Virtual Member Care Agent at Modern Animal. Modern Animal will support an employee’s desire to learn additional skills and grow professionally by providing learning opportunities and position advancement when available. Employees that seek advancement can demonstrate the desire to learn and grow more in our hospitals by
providing excellent Member care, identifying potential issues with work flows and suggesting solutions/improvements, being creative in their problem solving methods and ideas, showing strong leadership and mentoring abilities towards other staff members, displaying loyalty and dependability, and exemplifying absolute confidence in required skills and duties.
Competence in the delivery of member care and a basic knowledge of medical terminology for procedures that would be routinely anticipated to occur in a general small animal practice
Ability to anticipate the needs of veterinarians and paraprofessionals
Competence with the use and maintenance of computer hardware and software necessary for job functions
Willingness to grow and adapt, and an inclination to embrace change and work together to build an optimal solution for all
Exceptional verbal and written communication skills
Knowledge of and/or experience with Zendesk and Slack are considered assets for those applying for this position
Working conditions
This position is remote and it is expected that the employee will be able to ensure a quiet and distraction-free environment during working hours. The job of Virtual Member Care Agent at Modern Animal requires weekday and weekend work, careful attention to detail, and working with clients experiencing emotional distress and/or frustration.
Physical requirements
Nothing exceptional or specific
Direct reports
Virtual Member Care Agents at Modern Animal report directly to the Lead Virtual Care Veterinary Technician.
We are looking for a motivated individual to join our next-generation veterinary start-up in the role of Virtual Member Care Agent. We need an individual who can provide compassionate and efficient care to our members and members of the general public who access our Modern Animal veterinary clinics via phone and email. Successful candidates for this position will be able to work without direction supervision, staying focused and efficient while handling both phone and email inquiries. This position is remote, so it is imperative that this individual have a quiet and distraction-free environment that is conducive to productive work for the duration of the shift.
Basic knowledge of veterinary care, especially as it pertains to understanding a pet owner's explanation of their pet's symptoms for the purposes of triaging, is a plus for those applying for this role.