Job Detail

Customer Success Manager at CADDi
Tokyo, JP
Role / position


Offering content

· Establishment and execution of KPI · KGI to maintain repeat rate after receiving order from new customers · 
Design of customer segmentation and follow-up timing · Following method 
· User hearing and negotiation with development regarding functions and direction 
· Upsell / Measures for cross-selling 
Other direction, general direction of customer UI / UX improvement, including QCD (quality, cost, delivery date) improvement proposal

Required business experience / skill

· Experience of customer contact operation in corporate services (consulting, support, solution sales etc) 
· Experience of project management across teams (not necessarily leader) 
· experience setting PDPA with KPI · not) 
discussion experience with the KPI of the and management team

Welcome requirement

· Involve stakeholders inside and outside the company to promote the project while winning the trust 
· Experience of developing the customer success team · Experience 
of customer success or customer support 
· experience of service improvement suggestions from data analysis · experience 
of customer journey Design experience 
/ marketing experience

Specific examples of the desired figure

· Those who can strongly sympathize with our philosophy · Have 
high insight to discover problems themselves 
· Higher ownership who solves the finding problem to the last 
· Higher ownership · Footwork's ability to take primary information without just judging data Those 
who are light and able to enjoy change · Flexible response possible 
· People who are motivated to achieve goals and are stuck with results

Working challenges

◆ Customer Success Strategy Formulation Experience Formed on a Zero Basis 
· We will leave KPI setup, team management and hypothesis verification from scratch on the customer success organization. 
· Experience of starting up customer success from scratch is possible in order to leave it from hearing to customer to formulation and execution of handlers. 
Wide range of actions beyond improving the UI of WEB · In the case of CADDi, from UI on WEB to products delivered from telephone correspondence, as well as products delivered from telephone correspondence foster customer's UX in total, we analyze things more widely · You will acquire the skills to create a hand.

Working environment · Benefits

· Transportation expenses (up to 30,000 yen in principle) 
· Overtime allowances 
· Social insurance outcomes (Employment · Workers '· Health · Employees' Pension) 
· 1on 1 system (once a month, draw a growth plan one to one with team leaders and managers ) 
· Mentor system (A mentor from another department will be 
appointed and deep consultation can be done because it is not a direct member.) · Caddi Monthly Award (We have regularly awarded MVP, and for MVP winners luxury prizes too!) 
and books necessary for the book purchase support (skills can be purchased at the full company burden) 
· monthly tighten Board (to share the status of once a month the company. After that, launch at all Party!) 
· External training support (Participation of outside seminars is free! All participation fees will be paid.) 
· Snack · Drink free (You can purchase sweets and drinks as much as you like, if you wish, you can order directly I will! 
· Good practice sharing (We will gather at the team once a week and share each other's good things. Let's learn from each other.) 
· Baby gifts (If child is born, we will pay 100,000 yen as a celebration fee ) 
· Team Lunch System (The company will fully pay the lunch fee at the team once a week, please deepen the exchange with friends!)

Educational environment

Training period 1 month + OJT 3 months

Employment status

Regular employee

Estimated annual income · Salary

Separately consultation 
guidance: 5 million yen ~ 8 million yen 
* In some cases stock options will be granted. 
※ We will decide after considering experience · skill · age. 
* Includes overtime fee of 45 hours per month. Overdelivery will be provided separately. 
※ trial period 3 months (There is no change in treatment)

Working hours

Discretionary labor system

Work place

Tokyo base / Tokyo Sumida-ku Higashigami-ku 2-22-9 8 minutes on foot from the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Tobu Isesaki Line, Toei Asakusa Line "Asakusa Station" 7 minutes on foot from "Honten Azumabashi Station" by Toei Asakusa Line

Interview flow

▽ First Interview: Officers 
▽ Final Interview: Representative / Management Team 

Tentative decision * Approximately 2 weeks are planned from application to announcement.