Job Detail

Supply Partner Sales Manager (Kanto) at CADDi
Tokyo, JP

will be responsible for the entire department responsible for the development and relationship building of processing companies (partners), which will be the core of the ordering platform.

[Job description] -What is the
customer and partner portfolio, internal infrastructure, and business phase in on either the assumption changes, then back-calculated from the company-wide goal of short- and medium-term, the role of the design of the part of each phase, consolidation, new parts / group, specific issues, strategy, lead the development of workforce planning
-part Responsible for the establishment and execution of KPIs and KGIs of the
headquarters ・ Leading discussions on partner development strategies, which is a headquarters issue, involving other departments. Consider from a company-wide perspective what kind of partner and how to build a relationship
・ Build a group that can withstand partner scale. In addition to improving the skills of the department as a whole, proposing measures that drastically increase the speed of building relationships with partners
, cultivating members of the department, including execution , managers, and leaders

Necessary work experience and skills

・ Experience producing high results in corporate sales or procurement in the B2B domain (regardless of merchandise / industry)
・ Proactively planning new measures to achieve high results, not limited to the operation of existing businesses then,
 there is an experience that was achieved winding the team
KPI formulation and execution experience as a leader of and organizational
experience of motivation management, KPI and organizational
experience of logical thinking based on, numbers, data, and formulating and implementing a sales strategy


Welcome requirement

・ Vendor selection and price ・ Capacity negotiation experience
・ Procurement or production management experience at manufacturing companies (manufacturing industry)
・ SCM strategy formulation experience

Specific examples of desired figures

・ Those who can strongly sympathize with our philosophy
・ Those who feel challenging because they are difficult challenges ・ Those who
can respond flexibly to enjoy change ・Those who
are highly motivated to achieve their goals and stick to the results
Those who can take action lightly
・ Those who are interested in building operations and teams

Rewarding work

◆ Experience in setting up an organization
・ Kansai base has a wide range of experiences from culture penetration to organizational management.
-We will leave everything up to KPI setting, team management and hypothesis verification at the Kansai site.

◆ Active involvement in company strategies
・ Be involved in company-wide strategy discussions, not just within departments ・ Be involved
in important company-wide decision making, such as overall relationship building strategies

◆ Business launch
You will lead the front line in building a platform that takes into account the experience of the person in charge, optimization for both customers and partners.
-You can experience a wide range of business creation from operation construction to product development involvement.

◆ Direct contribution to solving major social issues
・ You will be committed to the growth of the ordering platform that leads to improved management of both the ordering manufacturer and partner factory.
 -Contributes to the development of ordering manufacturers such as small and medium-sized enterprises by generating an average 25% cost improvement.
 -By providing projects that are guaranteed profitability, Partner Machi Factory will improve profits.

Working environment and benefits

◆ transportation expenses paid (up to principle 30,000 yen)
◆ (If you exceed the fixed time period, separately paid) overtime
◆ Social Insurance conditioning (employment, workers' compensation, health and welfare pension)
◆ office in a non smoking-smoking areas
◆ education maternity leave system
◆ Refresh leave
◆ Marriage leave & congratulations
◆ Birth leave & congratulations
◆ Rebirth leave
◆ Nursing / care leave
◆ Short working hours 
Remote work under certain conditions
◆ Babysitter support
◆ Ningu dock
◆ Influenza vaccination
◆ Office drug
◆ Health checkup and gynecological examination expenses
◆ Moving subsidy
◆ Snack drink subsidy
◆ PC and display provision of desired specifications
◆ Book purchase system
◆ Language learning support
◆ Manufacturing experience
◆ External training support
◆ 1on1 mentor system
◆ CADDi Award
◆ Excellence support
◆ extracurricular activities system
◆ united off-site training camp
◆ monthly drinking
◆ weekly whole MTG
◆ team lunch system
◆ ongoing organizational health Good

Employment status

Regular employee
* Determined based on experience, skill, and age.
* Trial period 3 months (no change in treatment)

Expected annual salary / salary

7 million yen to 12 million yen
* Stock options may be granted in some cases
* Includes 45 hours a month of overtime work. The excess will be paid separately.
* Salary increase: Semi-annual

Working hours

9: 00-18: 00 in principle (break 60 minutes)

Working place

1-4-1 Kuramae, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0051 Access: 6 minutes on foot from Exit A1 of Kuramae Station on the Toei Subway Asakusa Line 8 minutes on foot from the East Exit of Asakusabashi Station on the JR Chuo / Sobu Line “Kurazen Station on the Toei Subway Oedo Line ”Exit A6, 13 minutes on foot

Interview flow

▽ Primary interview: Personnel
▽ Final interview: Representative / Management

Appointment * Approximately two weeks are planned from application to appointment.