Job Detail

HR member at CADDi
Tokyo, JP
Role / Position


Offer details

This is a position to realize the hiring, organization development, and system design of an organization that rapidly expands to 500 people over three years, through repeated discussions.

[Job description]
・ Execution and improvement of overall recruitment activities
・ Optimization of recruitment strategies such as job advertisement, direct recruiting, referral
・ Employment branding / PR strategy implementation
・ Performance of personnel strategy, continuous improvement
・ Each member's growth
Design of the organization to support the operation of the system that supports the business and to implement continuous improvement and business strategy

Necessary work experience and skills

・ Human resources in a rapidly growing company such as a venture company, or human resources related work experience
・ Designed KPI and OKR, etc., completed experience
・ Communication skills and ownership that can move diverse human resources ・Perform
work with a sense of speed Power

Welcome requirement

・ Experience in all aspects of recruitment, organizational development, and system design

Specific examples of desired figures

・ Those who can strongly sympathize with our philosophy ・ Those who
are highly motivated to learn and who like to learn new things
・ Those who can respond flexibly to enjoy change 
Those who are highly motivated to achieve their goals and stick to results
・Strong interest in people

Rewarding work

◆ 500 people in 3 years! Experience building the foundation of a rapidly growing organization
・ Because it is an organization that grows rapidly with 500 people in 3 years, you will build an “aggressive HR team” that is different from the general “HR” image.
・ In order to “attack”, various methods are examined and optimized, so various experiences can be gained at a speed that cannot be obtained normally.
・ It is possible to have an experience of discussing and creating an HR team from scratch, including organization chart design, recruitment criteria, evaluation criteria design, motivation design, salary system design, and overall HR budget management.

Working environment and benefits

◆ transportation expenses paid (up to principle 30,000 yen)
◆ (If you exceed the fixed time period, separately paid) overtime
◆ Social Insurance conditioning (employment, workers' compensation, health and welfare pension)
◆ office in a non smoking-smoking areas
◆ education maternity leave system
◆ Refresh leave
◆ Marriage leave & congratulations
◆ Birth leave & congratulations
◆ Rebirth leave
◆ Nursing / care leave
◆ Short working hours 
Remote work under certain conditions
◆ Babysitter support
◆ Ningu dock
◆ Influenza vaccination
◆ Office drug
◆ Health checkup and gynecological examination expenses
◆ Moving subsidy
◆ Snack drink subsidy
◆ PC and display provision of desired specifications
◆ Book purchase system
◆ Language learning support
◆ Manufacturing experience
◆ External training support
◆ 1on1 mentor system
◆ CADDi Award
◆ Excellence support
◆ extracurricular activities system
◆ united off-site training camp
◆ monthly drinking
◆ weekly whole MTG
◆ team lunch system
◆ ongoing organizational health Good

Employment status

Regular employee
* Determined based on experience, skill, and age.
* Trial period 3 months (no change in treatment)

Expected annual salary / salary

4 million yen to 7.5 million yen
* Includes 45 hours a month of overtime work. The excess will be paid separately.
* Salary increase: Semi-annual

Working hours

9: 00-18: 00 in principle (break 60 minutes)

Working place

1-4-1 Kuramae, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0051 Access: 6 minutes on foot from Exit A1 of Kuramae Station on the Toei Subway Asakusa Line 8 minutes on foot from the East Exit of Asakusabashi Station on the JR Chuo / Sobu Line “Kurazen Station on the Toei Subway Oedo Line ”Exit A6, 13 minutes on foot

Interview flow

▽ Primary interview: Personnel
▽ Final interview: Representative / Management

Appointment * Approximately two weeks are planned from application to appointment.