Job Detail

Engineering Manager at Eaze
San Francisco, CA, US
As an Engineering Manager at Eaze, you'll lead an engineering team in our fast-growing startup. You'll work very closely with Product Management and collaborate with every department in our company, from Operations to Customer Service, because we focus strongly on the end-user experience. This focus means you'll impact all parts of our system, including our internal driver apps, admin dashboards, consumer website, and mobile apps.
To react to our rapid growth and strategize around it, we will empower you to act autonomously. You'll mentor, guide and grow your team of engineers, setting them up to mentor each other. You'll also be a key organizer responsible for keeping your team pointed in the right direction. In order to do all this, you'll need sincere personal interactions, careful hiring, and high EQ.


    • Experience as an individual contributor on a software engineering team
    • Experience managing an engineering team in a web services company
    • Organizational skills, applied both personally and to your team

During your first month, you'll...

    • Begin managing a team of four to six engineers
    • Schedule weekly one-on-ones with each of your team members
    • Begin filling a hiring pipeline, for aggressive team growth

Within three months, you'll…

    • Gain an understanding of the system architecture and the array of products/features your team supports
    • Build relationships and earn the respect of your team
    • Hire your first addition to the team
    • Help your engineers understand and advance their career paths

Within six to twelve months, you'll...

    • Hire or promote upcoming managers to be your peers and mentor them to be successful at Eaze
    • Create relationships and collaborate with other managers to share processes which work well for your team
    • Significantly grow your own management skill set to advance your personal career goal
About Eaze
Eaze (, the leading cannabis technology company, is on a mission to help people enjoy the moment through convenient access to high quality marijuana products. Founded in 2014, the company’s technology enables superior customer choice and convenience by connecting product brands, dispensaries and doctors to customers on demand. With over 300,000 users in California, Eaze has unprecedented access to big data regarding cannabis market trends and consumer preferences which it shares with industry and media partners through its Eaze Insights Program.